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Just another test
Just another test
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Project Runway

The next step is the installation of the runways that the car is driven onto when the lift is in use. These runways are heavy, one more than the other because one runway is called the power runway and contains the hydraulics for lifting the runway. The other runway is the idler runway, but also still several hundred pounds. Here is a picture of the workers bringing the runway in on a cart.

The runway is then attached to the cross member via bolts. If you saw the live streaming video we mentioned the fact that there is no hardware bag with this lift so it bears repeating in this article that the hardware is pre-installed from the factory. There is no guessing what bolts are needed to attach the runway to the cross member as those bolts are already pre-fitted, simply line the runway up and tighten down the bolts.

The runways contain a rail system that is used to support the rolling jack and other accessories. On the inside of the runway, there is one last upward bend on the runway to make the runway rail system. It is used for the rolling jack to roll on smoothly and the drip tray to grip for secure location. It also provides and extra level of flex resistance on the runway itself. The runways are formed meaning not welded together but formed from a single piece of steel which makes them stronger, lighter and in my opinion better looking than some of the other units I inspected.

Inside of the runways are the hydraulics, cables and pulleys that make the lift operate. I took some additional pictures to show these in more detail.

Those pulleys are 4 5/8” in diameter and the cables themselves are full 1/2" thick! Yes 1/2" thick cables. Many other systems I saw used 1/4" cables or at best 3/8" cables, but again the commercial underpinnings of the Quality Lifts system provide a full 1/2" which allows this lift to attain certifications that other lifts cannot.

More examples of the heavy duty construction where the cables meet the hydraulic chamber:

Custom field tests
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