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Old 06-05-2008, 02:13 PM
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Default Where to use EZ Bounced Email code in GAZ

Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
on vBorg there are a couple of modifications that are meant to handle bounced emails
If you look at the following post in the EZ Bounced Email thread at VBorg there is a snippet of code to add to other programs (in this case it was for the Inactive User Reminder hack)... could you recommend where to add this code to GAZ? It worked great for me on Inactive Reminders.

here's the code:
PHP Code:
add EZBounce headers
$vbulletin->options['ezb_admincpurl'] . "/ezbounce.php?u=" $userid;
$bouncestring    "<a href=\"$bounceurl\" target=\"_blank\">$bounceurl</a>";
$headers .= 'X-EZbouncer: ' $bouncestring $delimiter

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Old 06-05-2008, 04:58 PM
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Untested but you'd need to edit the gaz_class_process.php file, adding $user['userid'] to the passed values in the two $this->mail(...) function calls and then in the mail function in the gaz_class_process.php file, take $userid into the function and use the following after $headers is initially set:
$bounceurl = $this->vb->options['ezb_admincpurl'] . "/ezbounce.php?u=" . $userid;
$bouncestring = "<a href=\"$bounceurl\" target=\"_blank\">$bounceurl</a>";
$headers .= 'X-EZbouncer: ' . $bouncestring . $delimiter;
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Old 06-05-2008, 08:24 PM
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Thanks for the explanation, though it is a bit over my head. I am great at installing hacks when it is just a question of replacing one piece of code with something else, or even better uploading an .xml file :-)

I don't want to impose on you too much, as this is obviously not part of the product you are selling/supporting here.

If there is anyone out there who wants to test this, I am more than happy to try out code on my site and report results - all I ask is simple instructions for modifying GAZ files (open xxx file, find code xxxx, and replace it with code xxxx).

I don't have a copy of GAZ just yet, but will buy it in a heartbeat if there is a chance of getting this integration working.
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