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Old 10-27-2005, 12:34 AM
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Default Permission Problems

Hello --

A problem, and a comment. I've been attempting to upload ads through the GAB manager and have been receiving a variety of PHP errors which are permission related. I've gotten rid of some of them, by opening up 'write access' to 'all' of my ./ gab /images folder (is that safe?) but I still have one remaining error:

Warning: move_uploaded_file(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 506 is not allowed to access /home/virtual/site1/fst/var/www/html/geek/gab/images/0 owned by uid 48 in /geek/gab/includes/gab_class_admin.php on line 438
Got some freaky error.

And I dont' think that is going to go away, as the files are owned by "admin" and the httpd server runs as "apache"

Can you hed some light on the best way to fix this and perhaps expand your readme and/or instructions on what permissions and ownership of files and subdirectories should be?

And a suggestion:

Lengthen the redirect time after a php error happens when uploading a banner -- it goes by so fast it is essentially a video game attempting to copy and paste the errors!



server_path_to_banners=geek/ gab /images
url_to_banners=geek/ gab /images/

0=Low - 1
1=Medium - 2
2=High - 3
3=Mega Striesand Freaking High - 5

0=Image Item - GAB_item_image
1=Flash Item - GAB_item_flash
2=Adsense item - GAB_custom_adsense
3=Custom item - GAB_custom_custom1
4=Standard Wrapper - GAB_wrapper_standard

MASTER 'usemaster'=1 'isactive'=1 ads=1
0 'type'=1 'bannercount'= 'template'=4 'customtemplate'=0
showthread 'usemaster'=1 'isactive'=1 ads=0
forumdisplay 'usemaster'=1 'isactive'=1 ads=0
search 'usemaster'=1 'isactive'=1 ads=0
faq 'usemaster'=1 'isactive'=1 ads=0
private 'usemaster'=1 'isactive'=1 ads=0
usercp 'usemaster'=1 'isactive'=1 ads=0
index 'usemaster'=1 'isactive'=1 ads=0
adv_index 'usemaster'=1 'isactive'=1 ads=0

1 'title'=Images - no tracking 'track_views'=0 'track_hits'=0 'template'=0 'ordinal'=5 'isactive'=1 'forums'=,1,2, 'scripts'=,showthread,forumdisplay,forumhome,searc h,faq,private,usercp,
2 'title'=Flash - no tracking 'track_views'=0 'track_hits'=0 'template'=0 'ordinal'=20 'isactive'=1 'forums'=,1,2, 'scripts'=,showthread,forumdisplay,forumhome,searc h,faq,private,usercp,
3 'title'=Images - tracking 'track_views'=1 'track_hits'=1 'template'=0 'ordinal'=10 'isactive'=1 'forums'=,1,2, 'scripts'=,showthread,forumdisplay,forumhome,searc h,faq,private,usercp,
4 'title'=Flash - tracking 'track_views'=1 'track_hits'=1 'template'=1 'ordinal'=30 'isactive'=1 'forums'=,1,2, 'scripts'=,showthread,forumdisplay,forumhome,searc h,faq,private,usercp,
5 'title'=Unknown items 'track_views'=0 'track_hits'=0 'template'=1 'ordinal'=1 'isactive'=1 'forums'= 'scripts'=

5 'title'=PTVupgrade Banner 1 'startdate'=12.31.69 'enddate'=12.31.69 'img'= 'max_views'=0 'max_hits'=0 'isactive'=1 'frequency'=0 'template'=0 'catid'=3

5 faq (0) - 0
5 forumdisplay (2) - 0
5 forumdisplay (1) - 0
5 forumhome (0) - 0
5 private (0) - 0
5 search (0) - 0
5 showthread (2) - 0
5 showthread (1) - 0
5 usercp (0) - 0

Templates with $GAB_ads[x] in them:
Styleid 4 Title header contains $GAB_ads[0]
gab folder check
GAB directory looks valid and I can write to it!
gab folder check
GAB directory looks valid and I can write to it!

vBulletin v3.5.0, Copyright ©2000-2005, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.
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Old 10-27-2005, 07:57 AM
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Thats a safe mode restriction. Can you change the owner of gab /images/0 to be whatever account owns the gab file (most likely the one that you FTP with)?
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