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Old 07-14-2006, 05:12 AM
utw-Mephisto utw-Mephisto is offline
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Default Big SQL error after reinstall

I created before the reinstall a custom field which I deleted ..

Then I tried to reinstall (as stated in other thread it seems SOMETHING is still left over) and get now this error :

Database error in vBulletin 3.6.0 Release Candidate 1:

Invalid SQL:

SELECT IF(ga.synopsis, ga.synopsis,post.pagetext) AS preview,
thread.threadid, thread.title AS threadtitle, thread.forumid, pollid, open, replycount, postusername, postuserid, thread.iconid AS threadiconid,
thread.lastpost, thread.lastposter, thread.lastpostid, thread.dateline, IF(views<=replycount, replycount+1, views) AS views, notes, thread.visible, sticky, votetotal, thread.attach,
hiddencount, deletedcount
, NOT ISNULL(subscribethread.subscribethreadid) AS issubscribed
, deletionlog.userid AS del_userid, deletionlog.username AS del_username, deletionlog.reason AS del_reason
, threadread.readtime AS threadread
, threadredirect.expires
, ga.header_image, ga.synopsis, ga.byline, ga.feature_untill, round((ga.overall_rating/10),0) author_rating, ga.rating_count, ga.overall_rating author_rating_percent,round((ga.avg_rating/10),0) member_rating, ga.avg_rating member_rating_percent, ga.pagecount, ga.custom2,gcv.gars1
FROM thread AS thread
LEFT JOIN deletionlog AS deletionlog ON(thread.threadid = deletionlog.primaryid AND deletionlog.type = 'thread')
LEFT JOIN subscribethread AS subscribethread ON(subscribethread.threadid = thread.threadid AND subscribethread.userid = 1 AND canview = 1)
LEFT JOIN threadread AS threadread ON (threadread.threadid = thread.threadid AND threadread.userid = 1)
LEFT JOIN post AS post ON(post.postid = thread.firstpostid)

LEFT JOIN threadredirect AS threadredirect ON( = 10 AND thread.threadid = threadredirect.threadid)
LEFT JOIN gars as ga ON(ga.threadid = thread.threadid) LEFT JOIN gars_custom_values as gcv ON(gcv.custom_threadid = thread.threadid)
WHERE thread.threadid IN (0,4260)
ORDER BY sticky DESC, lastpost DESC;

MySQL Error : Unknown column 'gcv.gars1' in 'field list'
Error Number : 1054
Date : Friday, July 14th 2006 @ 07:06:59 AM
Script : http://xxxx
Referrer :
IP Address : xxxxx
Username : utw-Mephisto
Classname : vB_Database

Last edited by utw-Mephisto; 07-14-2006 at 05:33 AM..
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Old 07-14-2006, 06:46 AM
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Edit your types and re-save one by one.
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