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Geek Auto-Linker GAL automatically links keywords that users type in posts to advertising hover pop-ups.

This is an HTML example. Isn't it just wonderful?!?!
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Old 02-25-2006, 09:59 AM
ang2el ang2el is offline
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Default GAL as dictionary???

What if we could use GAL as a dictionary.

Now, most of the GAL words are highlighted with image and when you clik it open in the given link when it is clicked.

But I want to make a GAL entry in such a way that clickable feature could have been absent. That way you can enter the word and their definition so that user could have enjoyed it.

But when GAL entry is done either it open the given link or the opne the same page, earlier one is fine but what if the user click the later one and finds opening the same word.

Then user will have the impression that same page open

then user will stop clicking
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