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GARS: Module making 102
GARS: Module making 102
Published by The Geek
Default Edit stage

The only real difference to the edit stage is in the way we retieve the values that the admin has set.

first, we grab the values the admin has set:
PHP Code:
$items $settings['my_rating_settings']; 
Then we check that it is indeed an array. Otherwise it means that the admin hasnt set ANY values

PHP Code:
        if (is_array($items))
Then we start pasting together a select drop down combo box full of the options the admin has created:
PHP Code:
$output .= "Rating: <SELECT name=\"custom1[my_rating]\">"
Note how we APPEND it to the output variable?!?

Now we loop through our items array and create the options:
PHP Code:
            foreach($items as $arraykey => $arrayvalue)
                if (
$values['my_rating'] == $arraykey)
$selected "selected=\"selected\"";
$selected "";
$output .= "<OPTION value=\"$arraykey\" $selected >$arrayvalue</OPTION>";
Notice how we also check the $values['my_rating']? If there IS a value in there, it means that the thread is getting edited. It makes sense to set the drop down box to what the user already had selected

Finally, we end the select HTML
PHP Code:
            $output .="</SELECT>";
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