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GeekMart GMart is an integrated shopping cart system for vBulletin.

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Old 02-08-2006, 02:33 AM
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Default yes I know....another one making suggestions ;)

Hi The Geek,
I have been playing with gmart and geeker for a bit less than a week for many many hours since I am not using it in a testing environment but am selling goods with it.

I must say I love it. I think the best thing I like about it is that users find it very easy to shop with it. I've seen many other shopping cart systems and have used only one before gmart and they have just too many options that can be confusing. gmart is simple and effective just how I like it.

If I may, based on my experience with gmart , I would like to suggest a few things. Probabily most of what I am going to write you either already thought about it or has already been suggested. In that case I apologise.

1) WYSIWIG editor to wirte a description of the product?
I have had big problems figuring a way to write a tidy and nicely laid out description for the product items. I know it accepts html but it was a nightmare trying to give it a good layout using html tables code. For some reason it was screwing up the layout.
At the end I figured out that with DIV tags I could achieve what I meant to:

2) Allow more text for category description
The description field for the categories accepts a limited number of characters ( "varchar (255)" ) I changed it from phpmyadmin to accept more text.

By the way for some reason when I save the category description from vb ACP, it does not show up when looking at the shopping cart page. So I looked in phpmyadmin at the db table and I noticed that the description I wrote, got saved in the "synopsis" field, so I just copied the text from there to description field and it worked.

3) Item number as well as order number
Would be good to have the product items associated to item numbers. Now as far as I can tell the only reference one has to view what was bought is with the order number

4) Improved manage page
The manage page is a really good feature. WOuld it be possible to search by item number? Or to have statistics like.....which item was sold the most, the total of sales, how many copies of each items where sold, which month was the best and which month was the worse....and so on.

And finally would it be possible to have a "printer friendly" version of these?

These are my thoughts and I am really happy with gmart as it is, and I realise it is really complicated and time consuming to implement all the features and suggestions that are made for this product.
Consider me as a regular customer on your site, as I really like all the scripts you made, and I already look forward to the next one
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Old 02-08-2006, 06:05 PM
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Thanks for such great feedback. I'm glad you are having such positive experiences with it. GeekMart is still young and has a lot more development time left before it goes gold and your suggestions help make it a better end product.

1- Yes, I would LOVE to enable a vb editor for the text, however it may be a bit of a huge chore to get one in there. Ideally, I would like products and such to be edited and added via the geekmart UI (out of the admincp) and doing so would enable me to get the vb editors in as well as provide the framework for users to submit items to be sold. Saying that, I'm not sure I am going to aim for that type of functionality for the first gold version. I think the system is semi-fleshed out and that would put dev time back quite a ways.
However, reading your post did give me a possible solution to explore. I think some type of 'layout' option that would work somewhat like gars module system. That way, you can define several different types of layouts and input boxes to create the final text.
For instance, looking at your site, the layout would accept 2 text area inputs and 3 urls for thumbnails that directed you to larger shots. Kind of hard to explain - but in a nut hell it could do what you are after with less dev time to get it in the final product.

2- Thanks. Ill modify it.

3- I'm not sure I'm following you here. Each item does have a db assigned unique id, however its not really displayed. Are you meaning a separate field for a user input code?

4- You can search by the specific item by selecting it from the list. A statistics page would be a nice addition and one I am going to try and get to.

5- I don't see why not. A printer friendly page would be cool.

Thanks again for your kind words and help with making GM a cooler product
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