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vB Version: vb3.5 or vb3.6

Mod Version: 1.01

Released: 08-23-2006

Installs: 257

Last Update: n/a

DB Changes
Installer Included
Uses Plugins
Template Changes
Code Changes
Additional Files
Is a Beta!
Default Link Directory

GARS 2.1.8m users see

Make sure that after you import the package that you edit the snap module in your showthread AND forumdisplay page to make sure the new custom field is assigned correctly.

Also, edit the new Link Directory Type after the import to upload the default header image included with the zip.

Ill write some more copy here when I get a second.

Here are some URL settings that users have submitted for the snap module:It is also worth checking out

EDIT 22/5/07:

This package has been updated to work with GARS 2.1.8. In order for the images to upload, your URL to images folder (admincp->gars->settings) MUST BE the complete, full, URL (not relative). Otherwise the images will not upload.

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