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Geek Article and Review System GARS is the mega popular system for turning forums into articles, tutorials, or even reviews.

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Old 10-08-2005, 09:26 PM
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Default Progress update

Hey guys,

Thought I would update you on the recent developments on GARS and let you know a rough timescale for the next release.

I have been completely re-working the mod system - not because it doesn't work (it most surely does!) - but to make it much much easier to configure.

Since most users seem to want all their GARS set up similar (99% of them want it set up like the reviews forum in the testing grounds here), I have decoupled the configuration away from the type.
What that means in English is that you will configure modules separate from your types and then when you edit your type, you will simply assign a pre configured module set to that type. This will enable you to set up your types much faster and easier while still maintaining the cusomizability of the current set up.
I am also adding extra functionality into the configuration window so that you can copy existing configurations, move modules from section to section and reorder them without having to delete and create a new one.

In the same vein, I am doing something similar with the Keywords. Instead of having to put in all 4 keywords each time you create a type, you will just select a pre-configured set of keywords. This is more for user simplicity than anything.

I have also put in the ability to limit the amount of threads shown on a forumdispaly page as well as the ability to sort alphabetically by default.

I am also planning on introducing an easier Feature Until method. Currently, you must edit each thread you want to feature and choose a date. I am planning on introducing a setting which will allow all new threads to be auto featured until a specific period of time in the future (ie 2 weeks). I also want to put in an admin option (kind of like 'stick this thread', but instead it would be 'Feature this Article' or whatever). That will make featuring much easier.

I am mid way through this next iteration but sadly I now have to go off to do a convention and will be in and out for the next week. Therefore my Coding time will be a bit tight over the next 7 days.
That said, I am hoping that within the next 2 weeks we will either have the next Beta or even an RC

In the meantime: Please don't buy GARS if you cant configure it. It is in Beta and has no documentation aside from the setup tutorial here on the site. It does not come pre-configured (though next iteration will). Its not that it doesnt work or that its hard to configure - however I have had a couple emails from people bitching about the fact that they have to manually set it up.
That said, GARS has sold VERY well and only a couple have complained. If you do get stuck with configuring it - trust me... Ill bend over backward to help you out as will many members here on the site. Let us not forget there is also the option to purchase an installation if all else fails!

nJoy and thanks for your support!
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Old 10-08-2005, 10:36 PM
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Great work, im sorry ive been hassling you in pm yet i myself havnt had time to test . Next version sounds great
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Old 10-08-2005, 11:41 PM
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I love the current "types" feature, could you explain a bit more as to how it will change?
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