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Old 05-08-2009, 12:04 AM
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Default Advertisers can now see their GAB stats

This small fee add-on to GAB allows your advertisers to see their stats.

So how does it work?

You need to FTP the gab_stats.php file into your main forum directory. This is the same directory that contains the vBulletin showthread.php file. Go to the ACP -> GAB -> Banners and there you can add a new banner or edit an existing banner. In the userid box, enter the vBulletin userid for the member/advertiser of the banner.

To find the vBulletin userid of a member, go to the ACP -> Users -> Search for Users and there you can search on user name. When you find the member, near the top of the page will be the following: User: User name here (id: userid here). You can also find the userid by going to the profile page for the member. Example: (the number is the userid).

If the person is not a member of your forums, you will need to add the member to your forums by going to the ACP -> Users -> Add New User. There you can enter a user name, password, and email address for the new member. Your advertiser will need his user name and password to see his stats. Your advertiser would then go to the gab_stats.php file located in your main forum directory to view stats. Example: (as you don't have any banners on this site, you won't see much on that page, so please check the screenshots below for what it looks like to your advertisers).

This GAB add-on was coded to work with the GAB 2.x versions. There are about a dozen hard coded phrases and there is no email stats option. Advertisers would need to visit the gab_stats.php page to view their stats. Here are the hard coded phrases as they appear in the PHP file if you wish to change them:
$gab_phrase['select_time_period'] = 'Select Time Period';
$gab_phrase['quick_view'] = 'Quick View';
$gab_phrase['last_x_days'] = 'Last %d Days';
$gab_phrase['last_month'] = 'Last Month';
$gab_phrase['last_x_months'] = 'Last %d Months';
$gab_phrase['quick_month'] = 'Quick Month';
$gab_phrase['from'] = 'From';
$gab_phrase['invalid_selection'] = 'Invalid selection. You must choose a valid time frame.';
$gab_phrase['webpage'] = 'Webpage';
$gab_phrase['unknown'] = 'Unknown';
Below are a couple of screenshots of what your advertiser would see. You can order the GAB stats for advertisers add-on here.

The advertiser view of his list of banners

The advertiser view of the search option

The advertiser view of the search results
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