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Old 08-25-2008, 10:50 AM
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Post Passing a url to header image

Hi Morgan,
Looking for a pointer and advice on where to look.
I am trying to build an app that shall allow users to post a url in a custom field. Once that URL is posted(and/or edited) i want to process it(as is the case with any gars module) and if it matches some logic, then i will call a image(thumbnail) and replace the header image with that thumb.

So basically
Custom Field -> New thread/edit thread -> Custom field URL entered -> Process the custom field -> If it matches with some logic, call thumbnail link -> Replace the header image field with the image thus called.

I had a brief look and couldn't find any hook or call to get this done. Basically after processing a cusom module entry box, how do i call the header image field?

Some pseudo code or where to look would be wonderful
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