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Geek Article and Review System GARS is the mega popular system for turning forums into articles, tutorials, or even reviews.

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Old 08-20-2008, 10:53 AM
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Default Pre-Sale Questions/Clarifications

I am searching for an article system for my forum. Currently we have a "Library" that houses all sorts of guides and I'm trying to find a solution to housing them better. I've tried vBadvanced, but the inability to incorporate new replies into the 'New Posts/Today's Post' feature of the forum is a killer for me. Before I go and purchase another thing that might not be quite right, I figured I'd ask some questions...

First off, I appologise for this, but could I get some 'dummy' clarification. I read the Wiki and GARS page that it sits 'in front of VB', but how exactly does it work? Will it affect my whole forum? Or can I set it to only change the 'Library' section?

Does this mean that the 'guides' are still the same posts? And thus, show up in the 'New Posts/Today's Post' feature when replied to? (vBadvanced uses it's own tables, and thus 'separates' the guides from the forums)

Categories. I need to have the guides sorted into 10 different categories (general, PvP, Instance, etc). Is this possible?

Can I change the world 'Article' to 'Guide' across the board? I assume this is what the "Term Set" is about, but just want to make sure...

Can you have 'multi-page' articles?


(Basically what I am after is what I got set up with vBadvanced, but using the existing forum threads instead of moving them to their own database, which has in essence broken every inbound link, among other things. Is GARS what I am looking for?)
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Old 08-21-2008, 11:10 PM
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1: Say you want only one forum to becomes an article forum. In the GARS settings, you select the type on a per forum basis. There is a screenshot of that here.

2: Yes, the posts are posts and show up in the the "New Posts/Today's Post" feature. To see it in action, make a post here and then use the "Recent Posts" in the navabr atop the page.

3: GARS does not have categories; you make your forums however you want and then apply GARS to those forums. For example, you set up a forum to act as a category through default vB settings, and then create sub-forums in that forum, and then apply GARS to the sub-forums, or a subset of the sub-forums, however you prefer.

4: Yes, you are correct, that is the meaning of "Term Set" and some examples of different terms can be found in the sub-forums here.

5: With GARS you can have multiple pages of the first post and multiple posts in the thread. There is an example here.
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