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Geek Article and Review System GARS is the mega popular system for turning forums into articles, tutorials, or even reviews.

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Old 06-03-2006, 01:56 PM
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Default GARS 2.0 Beta 2 Discussion

I have just uploaded GARS 2.0 Beta 2 into the download section for active license holders.

Please note that this is still a Beta release!

Brief overview of changes:
1- Click here for the bug fixes from the tracker
2- I have un-encoded the scripts. You no longer need ioncube or zend to run.
3- There is a new field when editing the Custom Field module that will enable you to set a title for the custom field.
4- Extra plumbing is in place for something cool in the works

Most other issues are various bug fixes.

Things to do:
Serious code clean up. The code is getting very pasta like as it grows in functionality. I am going to start re-condensing and cleaning up the code dramatically between this and the next Beta. Regardless - it works, its just getting to be a major pain to maintain.

Upgrading from version 2.0 Beta 1:
Upload all files to their corresponding locations and re-import the product-gars.xml file (overwriting your previous version).

Upgrading from version 1.0x to version 2.0 Beta 2:
Check the readme
You may also want to review this post regarding implementing new features.

Please post all bugs in the bug tracker and keep this thread focused on discussing the release.


UPDATES - June 5th

I have released 2 minor updates to the main package over the past couple of days. To recap, they address:
1- Missing GARS_rating images from package.
2- Missaligned threadbit layout in ratings types
3- Included a couple more hooks to catch modertion tasks and recaching of data.
4- Various other fixes that will require uploading your files from a new download and re-importing the product xml.

I have also created a tutorial on Custom Fields here.

UPDATES - Beta 2.5 June 12th

I have released a few minor updates to the main package. To recap, they address:
1- Error when deleting thread
2- Potential problem with uploading via the gallery
3- Various other fixes that will require uploading your files from a new download. You do not however need to re-import the product xml if you are using beta 2.1.

Update - Beta 2.6 June 16th

I have released another interim package with a few fixes.
1- Very wacky member review averages.
2- Tabbing problems with custom fields
3- The god forsaken deletion problem.
4- Missing the member ratings in their posts. (its back and improved!)
5- Some other stuff.

Please download latest package and reupload (overwriting previous files).
Re-import the latest product.xml to get latest template changes.

Update Beta 2.7 - June 18th

I have released an updated beta package with the latest fixes applied.
1- Module settings conflicts. GARS was really only saving your last module settings (at least at global level) which was causing some really unpredictable results. Sorted now
2- Sorted out negative rating results when authors choose n/a
3- Required fields resetting. THis caused me to rework a lot of behind the scenes plumbing
4- code tags messing up layout. There is still the possability of this, though its significantly lower. I will work in a setting to override this value in future versions.

There are some plugin changes with this version so do a full upgrade (replace all old files and reimport the product-xml).

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