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Geek Advertising Banner System GAB is a highly configurable banner management system for vBulletin.

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Old 02-18-2006, 08:00 PM
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Default GAB RC2 Release Discussion

Hot on the heels of last weeks RC1 comes RC2 which should bring us into spitting distance of the final GOLD product.

Here is what has changed
  • Total rewrite of the ad farm. For those of you following the tale, I spaced off putting category restrictions into ads. This stupid little error caused me to have to spend several days rewriting the routines responsible for dishing out banners. Ill tell you what... it about did my head in but I finally got there in the end.
  • Ads can be limited to categories now (as mentioned above)
  • I have ditched the GAB_listing table
  • I have saved 1 query in the process
  • Fixed flash ads missing their width and height properties
  • Added a template option for when you use an HTML ad. This will let you have an HTML ad based on the style as per user requests
  • Phrased almost the entire thing. There are only a few phrases in the admincp that still need phrasing
  • Changed terminology from Blocks to Billboards as it seems to make more sense.
  • Fixed category editor bug resulting in empty categories that cant be deleted
  • Totally redid Debug option. If you are having problems, this is the place to submit info from as it gives me all sorts of info on your configuration.
  • Added click/impression/percentage view on banner display which makes it much easier to quickly view stats
Things still to do:
  • Create an option to not recycle ads if there is a shortage in the farm. (i.e. you have requested to show more banners than are required so a default one is provided to act as a spacer). Almost had this option in, but I figured I can get to that after this release.
  • Documentation. I know this is a bit grey and so Ill start on the on-line manual most likely tonight.
Upgrade by replacing all your existing GAB files with the ones in the RC2 package then re-import the product- gab .xml file into your product manager.

Bobs your uncle.

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