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Geek Article and Review System GARS is the mega popular system for turning forums into articles, tutorials, or even reviews.

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Old 11-15-2005, 08:35 PM
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Default GARS RC2 Release Discussion

I was hoping to skip RC2 and go for gold, however I need to go out of town until Saturday at which time I then have to prepare for a massive party here for Sunday. Basically, my coding time is skimped until next week. Therefore I thought I would post an interim release before we go gold. This fixes many issues brought up since RC1, continues the phrasing process, however leaves us still with no documentation yet!

Please note I was in middle of adding support to make a rating item n/a. And didn't finish yet! Basically, a feature request was made so that if an item didn't fit the standard rating, it could be marked as n/a.
A good example is a gaming review forum which has multi player as a rating attribute however the game being reviewed doesn't offer it!
Well, I think I got it plugged in - the only thing remaining is to prevent members from still giving it a rating when it has been marked n/a by the author! Yes, its minor - but still needs to be done.

Speaking of ratings, I have now moved the HTML into their own templates so you guys that have tweaked them - look in the templates section now.

The rest are primarily minor bug fixes and display issues. I know not EVERYTHING has been done yet however I think its safe to say 99% has been done.

Aside from those things I think that there is a couple places in templates for phrasing and the admincp needs to be phrased.
Improve support for some non English languages
Document it!

Anyhooo. Ill leave RC1 up in Geeker just in case some showstopper appears while I'm out of town so make sure you download the right package! You should all be up to speed on the upgrade process now:

Download latest package
Upload contents of the upload/forums folder to your forums (overwrite previous files)
Import the product-gars.xml file into your product manager (overwrite previous install).
Revert changed templates.

To enable the n/a option for a rating, you need to edit the rating and tick the 'na' box. Otherwise it wont appear as an option.

nJoy everyone. Im off to play with my new friend for a few. ->

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