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Old 03-06-2008, 07:14 PM
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Default A better understanding of Profile field to turn off ads

I have tried to get this to work where only I can turn ads of and on but have not had any luck. Here is what I have done.

Added New User Profile Field
User Profile Field: Turn Off Ads (id: 15 - checkbox)
Title: Turn Off Ads
Limit Selection: 1
Items Per Line: 0
Profile Field Type: Multiple-Selection Checkbox
Display Order: 10
Field Required: No
Field Editable by User: Yes
Private Field: No
Display Page: Options Other

Geek Settings

Usergroups that view ads Admin = Yes
Usergroups that can turn off ads Admin = Yes
Profile field to turn off ads : Turn Off Ads
Value for field to be 'off': 15

What else am I missing for this to work?
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