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Geek Article and Review System GARS is the mega popular system for turning forums into articles, tutorials, or even reviews.

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Old 05-07-2007, 09:20 PM
trgreen trgreen is offline
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Question Does GARS retroactively add custom fields?

I feel a bit of a fool asking this, because it seems like GARS can do what I need and a whole lot more, but I want to make sure.

Here's the thing: I have a vB community based on city. In other words, forum structure like this:

- dining
- entertainment
- dining
- entertainment
- dining
- entertainment

you get the idea. What I want to do is, reorganize my forums like this:


And then let the user select a city via a dropdown, if their post is city-specific, and then let people search for dining posts in their city.

Question1: Will GARS do this?
Question2: Will GARS retroactively add these custom fields (city dropdowns) to my existing posts, so that before I combine them, I can go through and manually select the city?

I hope this makes sense. I just need to add custom searchable fields, retroactively, to my forum posts.



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