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Default [Pre-sale Question] Possible to display only article title and article image on index

Hi, I really like this system. I've been trying to find a news database to display all the news for my site. Problem was I had to find some integration mod or bridge which some programs don't offer. I'd like the buy the pro version and be able to use it on several forum sections. The way it is already is great for the news forum sections, but I also want to use it to make up a database for fanfictions (stories). Since stories can range from one chapter to several chapters, the multi content article function really works well. However, the problem is this system will show the newest articles and show it in full form, It'll make a super long index. So what I want to ask is does this system have a configuration where I can select what the show? like only to show the title and the article image and the view/comment count. If there isn't how would I go to do this?

Another question. The first page indexs x number of new articles. Does it also index the recently updated or added to articles?
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