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I'm having the same problem.
Originally Posted by The Geek
2- GAL used to use class='DEF' in the replacements - however this changed awhile ago (cant remember when) so make sure that in your replacments, they are class='gal'
In the GAL 4.6 I downloaded, the replacements are showing class='DEF'

 4.6 allows you to house a collection of replacements for your categories. You need to add these if the installer didnt already do it for you (i.e you are upgrading)! Log into your admincp and click 
Geek Autolink
Then click Add New and enter each of the following as new replacements:
   title:Standard Link Replacement
 <a href='$gal_link' $target class='DEF' title='$gal_description'>$gal_text</a>  title:Popup with no title Replacement
 <a href='$gal_link' $target  onmouseover='GAL_popup(this,"$gal_offset", $gal_width, "$gal_box_style", "$gal_description", "$gal_description_style");' onmouseout='GAL_hidepopup();'>$gal_text</a>  class='DEF'title:Popup with title Replacement
<a href='$gal_link' $target class='DEF' onmouseover='GAL_popup(this,"$gal_offset", $gal_width, "$gal_box_style", "$gal_description", "$gal_description_style", "$gal_title", "$gal_title_style");' onmouseout='GAL_hidepopup();'>$gal_text</a>
So I'm a bit confused, and hoping I'm understanding things correctly.

Edit: I changed the classes to class=' gal ', and it's working. But I guess I just want to be sure I'm doing things correctly.
Running GAL 4.6 and vB 3.6.x

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