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Ok, well take this in the spirit of a suggestion to make your product the best it can be, ok?

I can easly make the changes necissary to only show this profile field to certain groups, but I'm a profressional software engineer and know my way around vb/php.

I think this needs to be made easier for every user. The way I see this feature being used most often is that an admin sets up (through the vb paid subscription feature) a "supporting member" group. These people pay for special groups, features, etc. Getting rid of ads would be a huge draw for that sort of thing.

So, it should be easy for an admin to set this up so that either:

1. Only users in the "subscribed" group can see the option or
2. Anyone can see the option but it is grayed out for those without access with some sort of "Subscribe to remove ads" message.


Originally Posted by The Geek View Post
Yes, every user will see it (unless you tweak the template or create a hook) however only those with the correct value AND in the correct usergroup will have it take affect.

For instance, all your members can set Turn off ads to yes, but they will only go off for the usergroups you have specified.

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