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My 6yo daughter is a sponge for knowledge... curious about everything and has to completely disect and understand everything he encounters. Anyways, he tells me "If I can learn more than you then I will know everything." Very flattering he believes I'm so smart =0) (That whole Mom is the name of God in a child's eyes thing I suspect). I think he found some logic tho... he may not know everything but he would certainly appear to if he knew more than those around him. Who would there be to tell him otherwise if he could completely/correctly answer all their questions and logically comment to all their ideas?

Sooooo... I don't need to know everything... I just gotta know more than you!

Seriously tho.. I hear what you'e saying and completely agree. I am very compitent (just spelled right) where HTML is concerned and although I run into something new very very rarely... I would never call myself an expert on it. I think with anything... no matter how much you know.. there's always room to learn more.

That is so very kind of you to offer to look at my scripts! I've actually learned a lot since I last worked with that... and I wanna give it another shot. It woud do a lot for my self esteem with this if I could get it to work on my own. I'll try it again in a couple days or so and if I still can't get it will probably take you up on your offer. I feel bad about putting extra work on ya *blush*. They are very very simple scripts tho... we're talking under 30 lines of simple coding... so shouldn't take to much time... You would probably know the answer at first glace.

Here's the thing... I integrate all my "non forum pages" like these fonts, into vbAdvanced... so they appear to be apart of the whole forum or whatnot. I found a way to make it work (my scripts that is) but only if I change my php from 4 to 5. I don't know the proper way to say that, with my host I have choice to use PHP 4 or 5 globally and can change my PHP.ini file. However, when I change to five... my scripts work but a lot of everything else on the forum does not. LOL A can't win for losing type thing. In the end, the scripts went into a normal .php file outside of the forum/vbadvanced and are just linked to it =0) To me... it looks horrible ROFL

Ok doll.. I'm writing a book so I better shut up already.. but I'll try again and get back to you - again, that was soooooooooooo sweet of you to offer!!!

Always, Bree
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