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Wow... that long huh? Guess I should have decided this a long time ago, huh? hehe Got a lot of catching up to do =0) I started my first HTML based site like 5-6 years ago and it was just in the last year that I moved up in the world with vBulletin/mods/etc *blush*... I tend to catch onto things pretty fast tho... I hope that is the case with this too anyways... I've written a couple of scripts... very basic (Just pulling Fonts starting with a letter, or by a certain artist out of the database-and displaying accordingly so far)... LOL I can't get it to work with vBulletin tho so had to launch the completely outside of the Forum which drives me crazy hehe. I created a dollmaker quite a while ago but it didn't go over too smoothly... I messed that thing up so bad ROFL

I've been reading the PHP MySQL for Dummies since last night - on like chapter 7 and so far I think Im understanding everything really easily. However, I know that reading and understanding is a far cry from actually writing/creating. I have high hopes tho =0) I also found a few tutorials on how all that works with vBulletin.

I have a few ideas in mind but nothing so outstanding as what is found here. Just a few smaller things that I wanted for my Forum but couldn't find an existing (functionable) mod for. Figure I may as well figure out how to do it myself =0) Expand my horizons type thing. I actually create 3D Art (Tubes) but webmastering is my greater passion. I dunno, well see what happens. Wish me luck, I'm sure I'm gonna need it =0)

Now back to my books if I am gonna know everything one day

PS Geek - I notice the "Forum" link up... kinda stumped me for a few... sat here thinking "That wasn't there before... was it?" Thanks for making me feel temporily insane

Always, Bree
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