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Hey Milad,

The problem isnt in finding a place with vB's cron job - it is the way that vBs heduled task system works. vb's heduled task is not a real cron - it runs off the back end of another user. There is a web site that you can schedule tasks on for free. Basically you register the URL and time with the site and it calls the script at that time. That would be the best way forward. Maybe Kirb has another idea.

It was much more complex than that. I too assumed that would be the case, but it was a challenge to load up a mock user, language and style via a cron and via a normal page. The interim solution is a setting.

I wont be adding the option for the regular header and footer simply because it will consist of sending javascript files and functions too. I suspect there could be serious problems with that - maybe Kirby can comment?
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