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There are 2 cron jobs: 1 for the generators, 1 to send out mail. THe generator cron job is done via the install, however I dont link the send cron to vB's system because there is FAR too much processing to do for vB's schedule task system.

There is no other way around this (other than sending the emails out manually which I have made pretty automated too).
I faced something like that before, I had to run a maintenance script once per hour, I wasn't able to do that via CPanel, because wget is denied, I made a plug-in (via cron_script_cleanup hook) that can be run via vB's crons, it was like this:

PHP Code:
$getthisfile file('http://PATH TO /maintenance.php');
You can add this in small file to handle the mission.

because no user was actually loading it, there was no default language direction in vB
But there is a default language that has a direction, you can use it. I think this is better than toggle option.

Try a different template style (i.e. simple threadlist instead of threadlist)
Yes I tried this, it's better.

Can you add an option to use the actual header and footer and navbar in the newsletters?

I'm waiting for beta 2

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