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Originally Posted by Milad View Post
- Style and user information (Style, Userid and User Name): Here it's better to use the own setting for each user, and it's better to send the newsletter from the default email $vbulletin->options['webmasteremail'] not from the admin membership.
The sender eMail should indeed be configurable.
Also, it might be a good idea to offer 'Use User Style' as an option, although this will cause more processing.

Found errors:
- In Generators section, I chosen Preview last HTML issue, then new window popped up with this url
- Also the link for Plain Text preview is[scriptname].php?id=1&txt=1&prev=1
This has already been reported:

- In modules section, I receive this warning: Warning: Missing argument 5 for run_mod() in /geek/gaz/includes/gaz_class_core.php on line 226
This has already been reported:
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