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Default What will I need to do with GARS when I upgrade to 3.7 Gold?

Sorry, still kind of new to this and can't find a straight answer....

With vBulletin 3.7 Gold almost here, I will be upgrading my forum from 3.7 Beta 5.... but I've never done an upgrade before... I started my site with 3.7 Beta 5..

What do I need to do to GARS to make sure this upgrade is a smooth one... The vBulletin manual makes it seem like a vanilla vBulletin upgrade is simple... but it doesn't get into any details about plugins and hacks.

Do I need to disable the plugin, Do I need to uninstall? Do I need to do anything at all to GARS?

I also have vBadvanced installed....

Is there a step by step document to do this?
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