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Default GARS Beta 4 coming

Well, I was hoping to have a new version out tonight however some things took much longer than anticipated.
I was actually thinking I was going to be really cool and actually have an RC tonight

Well, to err on the side of caution, I will make the next iteration a Beta (Beta 4 to be exact), however the feature set will be frozen (unless there is something dire that needs to go in).

Next version features:
GAL integration 99% done
'Post as' done.
Gallery editor/uploader
New System for types.

The biggest change is in the new system for types (and templates and keywords and modules!). The new system GREATLY simplifies the prototypes version by eliminating almost all redundancies. Essentially, you will define a number of Template sets, Keyword sets, and Module sets. Then when it comes time to create or edit a type, you simply select which sets it uses.

Very simple and very useful. The new module manager is a snap too. You can easily move modules about from section to section, delete them and re-order them too. The new system also dramatically simplifies the module making process for you coders out there.

This of course means your current configurations are going to go bye bye. However the good news is that the next version will come pre-configured with module, keyword and template sets (and also the 3 standard types). Therefore it should be a snap to upgrade.

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