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Don't you have to provide a link on the newsletter to the unsubscribe function in order to be compliant with all the SPAM laws? I know that all legitimate subscriptions I receive always include a direct link to unsubscribe. Personally I don't want to deal with the emails from people that don't know how they signed up for it and have no clue how to update their user profile... as amazing as it seems, there are tons of them out there. And a single one of those people can make your life miserable, if not get you in trouble with the SPAM police. Before I use this, I'd want to have a direct link right in the footer of the newsletter. I have to believe that's pretty easy to do, except that if they're not using the site any longer and don't know there password and all that jazz... I think there needs to be an "unsubscribe" page that doesn't require login, and relies on a unique key or something that's sent in the email to make sure that vandals don't get into it and mess with people's subscriptions.
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