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Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
That said, there are add-ons on vBorg to deal with bounced email. Perhaps either this or this thread might help you incorporate an add-on from vBorg into GAZ by adding a header to the outgoing email so that, if it bounces back, you can use your email program to unsubscribe the member.
I can't really understand those threads. With all due respect, if I understood them, I probably wouldn't buy your product - I'd write my own!

Your market (meaning folks like me) is people who don't know PHP from a can of tuna. Thus we buy prewritten addons.

Why choose not to incorporate those addons into the base product? It would be a great value enhancement and from what you're saying, it wouldn't be difficult for someone like you who understands computery cody stuff, as opposed to your customers who know just about enough to click on the "pay now" link on the PayPal site. Seems like a no-brainer to me! Then again, I'm a marketing guy, not a coding guy. I can sell stuff, but I can't write it!

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