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Originally Posted by The Geek
Lizard is not only one of the best stylers around, but IMO is doing great things moving vB out of table layouts and into CSS layouts which few people have done successfully (most end up looking like styles from the BBS era). Personally, I would love to see him work on some commercial styles as I think he would do VERY well with them.
Thanks Sam for your kind words but i bet there are tons of people who style vb better then me. I am just trying to do the best i can do. I also consedered about opening a new style website however i have the same problem you do Don't have enough time to handle all the support requests etc.. But maybe in a week or two i can make a surprise since nearly all the main bugs have been cleared.

Let me ask you guys a question by the way. If you were a customer will you prefer the rounded box or regular boxes ? Thats the point that i still couldn't decide.
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