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Hey Scribbller,

1 - There is a free module here in the add on section that will allow you to pull items from GARS forums (along with the header image) into a vbacmps block. So yes

2 - There is a space to post the article as a specific username - so yes
What I would suggest however is a slightly easier approach (feel free to ignore though!). Create a forum (or sub forum or hidden forum whatever) called 'submit article'. Set the forum up so that only admins can see threads. GAR the forum the same as your articles forum so the layout is the same and all fields are the same. Then the authors can submit, but only the admins can see. If it passes, then just move them to the open forum for everyone to read. This is usually a much quicker and easier method for admins and mods to deal with then someone emailing an article over.

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