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Hey there, I havent used anything else besides phpadsnew so I have little to compare it to. phpAdsnew is a pretty great script but IMO is also a serious pain in the ass to integrate (requiring me to hack it to do exactly what I wanted it to do).Saying that, once I did - its feature set far exceeds GAB (though IMO its far more resource intensive and difficult to regularly configure).

In the end, it totally comes down to how you are going to use it. IMO GAB is very simple to use and has a very minor footprint so its fast and efficient. There are also some limiations to GAB that I would like to see abolished (the ability for people to manage their own ads, stat counters, etc...) but my focus is currently on GARS and GAL since GAB is pretty stable in its current incarnation (think there is 1 bug with start dates).

My perception of GAB is that its a very versatile, easy to use banner system. The downside is that it isnt overly intuitive to get your head around at first use and others cant see and manage their own ads.

Hope this helps hed some light on my thoughts about GAB - There are many that swear by it just as I am sure there are those that swear at it
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