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OMGosh that is such GREAT news!! I have soooo been looking forward to GeekMart ! I think I visit it here once a day (at least) with crossed fingers hehe. Congratulations on the progress!! To me, that's a huge accomplishment and I'd be on cloud nine right about now if I were you =0)

Heck tho, I'm on cloud nine I got my own script to work and it's TINY compared <--- an understatement.

I just got it completely done btw... I'm so proud of me hehe bahaha =) I am woman, hear me ROOOAR <--- How I feel about now =0)

If you're still willing... I'd like your opinion on it =0) You gotta promise you won't laugh tho... well you can laugh just a little but you can't over do it!

I probably have a ton of things in there I don't need but hey... IT WORKS! LOL The whole thing is like 45 "different Web pages" with two different type of searches and some information and such... All turned out to be 134 lines of coding! ON ONE .php file! Ok so you probably aren't impressed by that but hey, I totally am LOL There's still a few things I wanna add to it but not sure if I'll get around to it tonight. And then I just gotta figure out how to get it in my admin cp (right now I enter all the fonts manually into the database). I'll get to that tomorrow too... After that, I might just be ready to start my first real mod =0) I'm sooo excited!!

Ok, well let me know and I'll send you the .php file by e-mail... my e-mail is bree[at]smnlikdat[dot]com. Thanks a bunches... I better get now... Congratulations again!

Always, Bree

PS I figured you would be able to find the original prob at first glance... however, I didn't think you'd be able to figure it out without even looking LOL Great job... I can't wait til I am so talented!
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