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Question I've recently decided...

I recently decided that I am going to try my hand at making mods =0) Got two huge PHP books and a smaller PHP/MySQL for Dummies ROFL And the determination and stubborness to succeed.

My inspiration comes from trying to install two programs from another developer that simply did not work out. I have in mind exactly what I want the program to do and how... just need to get er done <--- can you believe I just said that? Out loud ROFL

I think I am off to kinda a good start cause I seem to be able to look at other's codes and figure them out, just can't actually write much myself is all... I'll get there tho (Or I'm burning the books I bought hehe). (I think I know HTML better than English which is supposed to be my first language.)

My question to ya'll (the coders here) is out of curiousity... How long you have been working with PHP, making mods etc?

Always, Bree
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