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I'm also getting this message when I try to upload a banner .

Warning: move_uploaded_file(/******/bassnutz/public_html/geek/ gab /images ?/0/inlayheader.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /geek/ gab /includes/gab_class_admin.php on line 438

Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phprqddzm' to '/******/bassnutz/public_html/geek/ gab /images ?/0/inlayheader.jpg' in /geek/ gab /includes/gab_class_admin.php on line 438
Got some freaky error.

Maybe the answer I'm looking for has already been answered, but I never learned how to read.

I have all the files that need to be CHMODed done correctly. This really sucks balls, because you have the best advertising system out there and I can't get it to work right.

If you have the time, (or the inclination) to check things out for me on my board, I'd be very greatful. and maybe even a little kissey poo (no, I won't kiss your poo...freak) for you.

I have a ton of paying advertisers that have been bugging the $#!t out of me to get this this working.

HELP ME PLEASE. I'll send you a .....damn, what do you want?


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