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Default GARS 1.01 Release Discussion

This thread is for the general discussion of the GARS 1.01 release package that was uploaded today for license holders.

Please note that I have left the 1.0g version up as well. Make sure you chose the right freaking package!

This release was slightly pre-mature in the fact that I was mid-flow starting to put the custom field code in. So you may notice a couple new tables and some extra bits of code, however this isn't usable yet.

This release is a standard service release to address known issues. This package addresses the following reported bugs:
  • Missing comments and odd numbering of comments
  • Member review problems (i.e. rating not getting saved unless rate this! is used)
  • Clicking Next or Previous on an alpha sorted type doesn't work as expected (now it does!)
  • noquote code added to GARS_pb reply button (this requires a GARS_pb template revert if you have messed with it)
  • Added new admincp url to empty the mod cache if its acting odd on you. The url is admincp/gars_admin.php?do=cleancache
  • Fixed synopsis getting snipped regardless of your settings
  • Cleaned up snip_and_parse function for PHP5 users
  • Various other minor fixes.
There are still a couple other things I'm working on:
  • Couple of hard coded phrases. Haven't gotten to these yet. Gotta find them!
  • Started 'comments only on last page' but commented option out till I have more time to test
  • Started custom thread fields. This still has a little way to go
  • Started ground work for Save Draft functionality.
If there are any other issues I may have missed, accept my apology. Bugs can get kind of lost on these forums. I'm working on a bug tracker mod for GARS, but am trying to get some of the other functions sorted first.
If there is something I have missed, please feel free to give me a friendly nudge in this thread.
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