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Originally Posted by Lizard King
I don't think that he will comment like me because you are a customer to him but even he mentioned his top priority is Gal and as you are following the board Gal is not even on beta stage you can hold yourself bumping the thread but you constantly bump this thread and sorry to say this but it even bugs me.

Also how hard is it to find a thread you created. If you don't know vBulletin maybe it is really hard but hey check your own profile Find all threads started by WiBu
I'm sorry you feel that way but you're acting like a bit of a dickhead and being overly condescending. I do know GAL is not even in a public beta. I don't follow the board. I do know how to find my own threads. Sorry if it's bugged you and I'll happily stop and wait until GAL is release in a beta. Just for the record I was never expecting thegeek to do this work for free or within an immediate time frame, I know his time is valuable and I'm happy to pay for it when he's available. Even if thegeek was ignoring me to be polite I wouldn't mind, it may mean he has more time to work on stuff or just relax.

Originally Posted by Lizard King
Sam is my friend and i know how hard he works so sometimes instead of ignoring i show people what they deserve...
What do I deserve? I can't see anything to show how I've been anything out of the ordinary. The bumps have been atleast 5 days apart (13 days in the last ones' case).

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