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Originally Posted by WiBu
I fully understand that he's working on that and that is his top priority. I'm bumping it more for the reason that it doesn't disappear and ends up as something that never ends up being done because it was just forgotten about.

Also, I hardly think bumping a thread in a forum is a form of bugging him at all. It's not like I'm doing it everyday or sending him a PM (I haven't sent him a PM at all). If it is, I'll let him speak out and I'll happily stop.
I don't think that he will comment like me because you are a customer to him but even he mentioned his top priority is Gal and as you are following the board Gal is not even on beta stage you can hold yourself bumping the thread but you constantly bump this thread and sorry to say this but it even bugs me.

Also how hard is it to find a thread you created. If you don't know vBulletin maybe it is really hard but hey check your own profile Find all threads started by WiBu
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