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as an FYI: I have disabled GAL here for the next couple of days in while I prepare and test the next version before release.

The next version is actually a complete rewrite from the ground up and it is looking sweet. Why a rewrite? In order to progress past current issues with the 5.0 beta, I needed to rethink much of how GAL was structured. The result is a radically improved system that is significantly faster and more powerful.

I have already completed 95% of the admin and auto-linking side including statistics, phrasing, etc that were not completed in the 5.0 beta.

A quick run down of improvements:
Completely rewrote all javascript code to create a far more robust class of objects
Rewrote entire post caching system. The system now caches keywords with bbcode so there is no search and replace per post anymore. At run time, the bbcode is turned into span elements that the GAL js now turns into relevant links. This means FAR less server resources and much faster results as most of the work is handled on the client.
This has also enabled me to greatly reduce (if not eliminate) false positives becoming linked (i.e. words in hyper links and HTML elements).
The content of popups are now optionally fetched via ajax when needed which greatly reduces the size of pages and speed of rendering.
Because I have switched to a bbcode model, anywhere bbcode is used, GAL will appear (i.e. vbacmps pages, signatures, etc...) without any other modifications.

There is a lot more to go over, but Ill wait until it is closer to release.


Tough to say. I have already spent over 70 hours the past 10 days on the next version and I suspect it will take around another 20-30 hours to get it to the stage I want it in. I won't release it until it has been tested here and a couple other sites and I feel that it is as complete as possible.

Most of the hard stuff is done, its now down to testing , debugging and working on the glossary side of things.

Hang tight, it should be out soon.
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