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I finally ended up removing it from my site, a lot of the code seemed to me to be only half implemented and counter-intuitive (or not functioning at all)

I ended up modifying Abe1's "Form Hack" (formerly Erwin's for hack) and his add-on hack that re-directs the newthread button to the appropriate form. With a little creativity in vbulletins permissions system, you can make it so that people can "submit trouble tickets" to a forum where they will only be able to see their own tickets.

I added a quick query to automatically subscribe the "customer" to the thread for instant notification of any replies and I added the people in charge of dealing with the tickets to the admin notification list for that forum for any new threads.

With all of the new in-line moderating goodies, especially the ability to close threads by checking the boxes and hitting the button, it ended up being a pretty slick "support system"

I've been meaning to try and write up a tutorial for it, or try and clean up my code and release it, but just haven't had the time. So much of what I added was specific to my board anyway that it would probably be easier for someone to just do it on their own than try and reverse engineer all of the stuff I did.

(sorry for hijacking the thread)
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