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Originally Posted by gothic View Post
It is fully recognised that GARS itself has not been upgraded to vB4 yet, a decision is pending.
As for working with vB3.8.x it works perfectly, I have it running on a couple of my sites quite satisfactorily.
Hmmm, I just tested it with a fresh copy of vBa 3.2.2 and vB 3.8.4 and all I'm getting are module titles out of it(no content). I'm assuming the MOD doesn't work out of the box.

Okay I copy and pasted some code(later in this thread), then mucked around the settings... "would been nice to indicate to check (Initialize BB Code Parser)" prior to toggling the module.

Anyways... long story short, I got it echo'ing articles.
So I guess it works.

Any chance someone could clean this thread up to help others walk the straight and narrow? I really like GARS, but I could see alot of people walking away from this based on the feeling that the module and addon are no longer being maintained(pitty).

Thanks for a great HACK btw.

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