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Default GARS 4.5 Released

First off, I think I'm going to cry. I just freaking created a mega long update thread and I seem to have lost it while jumping about the plethora of windows I keep open at one time. Sheesh. Well, here is a quick re-cap of that post

I have been coding like a mad man to get to RC status and the good news is that it is literally spitting distance away. Furthermore, all I have scheduled to do in RC stage is documentation and phrasing. Therefore the current beta is like most RC's and I wouldn't think this will spend longer than 1 week in RC. In fact, I bet this baby is gold in the next 2 weeks with very little change.
I would have it to RC stage this weekend, however I'm off to exotic Wales for a weekend break with the family. So in the meantime I thought I would release where I was up to and let you know what was left to do.

4.5 Items of interest:
  • Updated userinfo module
  • Updated Tools module
  • Collapsible module panes
  • Preview Postbit bug fixed
  • Truncated first character bug fixed
  • New feature to display a users ratings in their comments
  • improved XHTML templates (Thanks James)
  • Various other odds and ends
Stuff to do before RC
  • Finish plugging in ability for users to rate when commenting (I'm almost there. Most likely another couple hours is all that is needed there)
  • Finish plugging in GAL integration (about another 2 hours)
Stuff to do for gold
  • Documentation
  • Phrase
Please note that I have left version 4d up as well... make sure you pick the right file!

To upgrade:
  • Download latest package
  • Upload contents of upload/forums to their corresponding location on your server (overwriting existing files)
  • In your product manager admincp page, click import product. Upload the product-gars.xml file (overwriting existing install)
Make sure once this is done that you go to admincp->gars->templates->Default Set and add GARS_preview_pb to the First Post Preview setting.

nJoy all
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