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Originally Posted by vbreal View Post
I am interested in buying GAZ. i am curious how much better it is than the free version on VB? i noticed the price of this one is pretty high compared to the other mods. what about this mod makes it so good to be higher than GARS? just curious
I haven't used other systems, other than I did hack VB to send HTML emails and that's what I've been manually sending for over a year now. I was able to modify GAZ (with Morgan's help) to do what I want it to do and it "should" save me some time EVERY month, so that easily pays for itself since my billable time is more than $250/hour.

Is it perfect? No, I'd change a few things, but for the most part it is working pretty well and my members seem to like it. $50 seems like a small price to pay for something that works, has good support, and saves me a bunch of time.

I wish someone would show me how to make add-on modules though, for example stats from my gallery, stats from my downloads, stats from my classifieds, etc. I'm sure it would only mean taking the routines that call data from vb and mapping them to call data from the tables for the gallery photos (such as showing a random photo) or classifieds (5 newest classifieds for example).

Hmmm, Morgan, want to be commissioned to do that for me?
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