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Default GARS 2.0 RC2 released

Just uploaded RC2 to the download area.

GARS 2.0 IS PRE RELEASE SOFTWARE. It is bound to contain SOME bugs.

Whats new?
  • Alphabetical Bar for filtering forum entires by first letter (loads of requests for that)
  • Custom fields are phrased now
  • A new module: Authors Top (essentially a top module but showing the authors latest, most read or most active threads).
  • Fixed a conflict with vbaCMPS (Thanks Kirby)
  • Added a 'modonly' option to custom fields so that only moderators can alter the custom field
  • Squashed all confirmed bugs
  • Cleaned up some of the code to make it more lightweight
  • Progressed the phrasing quite a bit
  • Progressed vb3.6 support

Once you upload all new files (overwriting your existing ones) AND you re-import your new gars-product.xml file you must then:
  1. Edit each type and click save to rebuild cache.
  2. Edit each Custom field you have in your Admincp and click save to rebuild its phrases
Make sure you revert your templates.

Whats left?

I'm about half way through phrasing and templating. Its pretty much bug killing/phrasing/documentation time.


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