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Unhappy Phrase System messed up in GARS

Oh god, that is soooo annoying.

I translated GARS into German some weeks ago. I upgraded to vB 3.5.3 and my translation was gone. (When upgrading, you need to import the German language set again, which overwrites custom phrases - at least, if they are member of the vBulletin Product, instead of the product that they REALLY belong to). So, I re-translated them, and after that, I exported my work, in order to avoid the problem on the next vB update.

But now? I Updated to vB 3.5.4 some days ago, and now i realized, that the GARS phrases are English again. OK, no problem, I have the language XML file -- oh, wait, I don't. The file is EMPTY. If you export a language using the language export manager, and select "GARS" as the product, the system won't export any phrases, but just the "hull" of a phrase XML file. The reason: All GARS phrases are linked to the vBulletin product, instead of the GARS product!

At the moment, I don't have a clue how to export my GARS translation in a way that will make it possible to re-import it properly after a vB update.

Why are the phrases not linked to the correct product? This would make life MUCH easier, and it would be the correct way to adapt the vBulletin system architecture. But in the way it is done now, it is completely messed up.

Does anyone have a working German translation, which he can share with me?
The translation took 2 hours and I really don't want do do it a third time...
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