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Originally Posted by Lizard King
For second you just need to create a featured articles module and place it anywhere you want in showthread. You can edit module settings for how many featured articles you want to be shown.

For the first one this is done with settings.

This confuses me,

2) I thought i had already tried that but nothing seemed to change in the layout.

GARS -> Types -> Article Type

Term Set = Article Set
Template Set = Default
Modules = Deafult Module Set

GARS -> Modules -> Default Module Set -> Showthread

Featured Article is below threadlist

TOC is to the right of threadlist
Attachements is to the right of threadlist
Tools is to the right of threadlist

GARS -> Modules -> default module set -> forumdisplay

Featured article is below threadlist

all others turned off

GARS -> Modules -> default module set -> forumdisplay or showthread -> featured article

maximum number of threads = 3
which direction = horizontal

Now having said all that, refreshing cache and rebuilding tables, it doesn't seem to be having much luck affecting the website.

Landing page -

News page -

Notice how there are modules being displayed that i have not selected and that there are 5 featured articles being displayed to the left and vertically.

Inside an Article -

Again only one featured article and it is not below the main article.

I am utterly confused by this, and the development of the site has completely frozen while i work out how to do this.

2) With all due respect i am not sure it can be, i would love to be wrong, can anyone show me how, i have already spent many hours looking through the settings before i posted this message but i had no luck finding anything.

I have spent a lot of time trying to fix this myself but to no avail, any help would be glady received.
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