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Originally Posted by The Geek
Well, a mere 24 hours or so after posting the beta of Geek Auto-link on, the thread and its contents have been deleted by the admins because I dared mention that it would eventually be a commercial script.

Pretty lame considering all the time and work I have put in to providing free support and free kick ass modifications for vBulletin but I guess rules are rules. Its just sad to see that Jelsoft works so hard to pull blinds over their customers eyes just in case someone else may actually make a buck working on enhancements for their product. Geez, not even Microsoft are so paranoid!

nJoy. Im off to sulk.
Think of it as a blessing in disguise! Some of the largest and most successful GNU Projects and Shopping Cart programs have a thriving commercial development community supporting the programs and users alike.

Personally, I'm looking forward to working with your products and purchasing them! Just like I do with vbadvanced, x-cart, and mambo.

Develop on!
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