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I tried on your solution and was able to disable the checkbox for the quick reply quote when I open up individual article.

However, when I click on the quick reply button at the end of the article, the checkbox became enable again

If I am not mistaken, the following quote below that I ave extracted from GARB_pb actually 'control' the action of the button? If that is the case, is there anything that I need to add/delete to the below quote to disable the checkbox? (I am suspecting that it might be something to do with id="qr_$post[postid]" but I just couldn't figure out how to go about doing it due to my limited knowledge

PHP Code:
<if condition="$show['quickreply'] AND !$show['threadedmode']">
a href="$post[replylink]" rel="nofollow" id="qr_$post[postid]" onclick="return false"><img src="$stylevar[imgdir_button]/quickreply.gif" alt="$vbphrase[quick_reply_to_this_message]" border="0" /></a>
Also, I tried changing the "quick_reply_to_this_message" to some other messages but nothing show up when I point my cursor to the icon (ps. I have already reloaded the template).
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