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ioncube -

You'll notice there are tons of different versions. Remember to grab the archive for the OS your server is running on. If you'r confused, just ask! I'm pretty sure it says what you're using in your cPanel, anyhow. (if your webhost uses cPanel+WHM).

Anyhow, after that you've got to upload the folder to the proper directory. Mine is in the root. I'm not sure if I could have placed it below that (instead of being in public_html for example - hopefully the Geek can tell me ).

Now, run ioncube-loader-helper.php and you should be set.

Old settings overtaken? Mine weren't. Custom fields - there weren't any before so of course not .

I'm not sure about the phrases (sorry!).

I haven't experienced more than 2 bugs (one is when you delete an article, the article listing gets funky - but that's only viewable to staff who can see deltion notices and the synopsis is missing for me - oh yeah, I didn't manage to get the new templates installed for some weird reason so I'm just gonna code my own unless someone can help).

Check out to see how its running if you want to. Good luck!
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