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Well, a mere 24 hours or so after posting the beta of Geek Auto-link on, the thread and its contents have been deleted by the admins because I dared mention that it would eventually be a commercial script.

Pretty lame considering all the time and work I have put in to providing free support and free kick ass modifications for vBulletin but I guess rules are rules. Its just sad to see that Jelsoft works so hard to pull blinds over their customers eyes just in case someone else may actually make a buck working on enhancements for their product. Geez, not even Microsoft are so paranoid!

Anyhooo... enough of me being jaded. Anyone wishing to Beta test GAL (or any of my scripts) drop me a PM and ill set you up with access to download. Please note however that it will be a paid script when it goes gold (not like £15 is going to make me money or break your bank account!).

nJoy. Im off to sulk.
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